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Play Meetings 2013

Is it only me? - Where can I get a trusted list of all conferences, meetups, events, and beer-drinking that are relevant to Play, Scala, Akka developpers?

Let’s gather them here - drop a comment and I’ll add your event!

Don’t Use Amend With Heroku

I forgot to add a new file in a git commit (since I did not refresh my eclipse workspace). That caused a little surprise on the next release.

Why Scala Templates Rock

Play 2.0 uses Scala for HTML templates. They are checked at compile-time, so you never again get ghostly errors in production due to unforeseen situations.

But besides that, you can do other great things with ease. Using a practical application of Scala functions for list pagination, for example.

Simple Website Search With Lucene?

Have you ever tried to implement search in your web app? Should be easy, eh? And of course you want:

  • To search in all text-fields of nearly all entities in your model
  • To get suggestions while the user types the query
  • To have the query term highlighted in the search results.
  • Update the index as the model changes

Since these requirements seem fairly basic, I was surprised how complicated they were to implement and how little documented.

Scala Pearls for a Dummy

After migrating to Play 2.0, being convinced one can use it with Java alone, I was curious enough to take a look at the Scala side of it. Read about some nice little discoverings of a scla beginner.

Securing a Whole App With Basic Auth

Our game-changing new app went to heroku for user tests. Currently it is in a closed test phase. (Lean startup enthusiast? - Me too, I’ll love to discuss why we’re doing that). Learn how simple it is to Basic-Auth a whole Play App!